Text und Musik Jörg Dahle

When I was a child, I'll always remember
the good times that I had at home
when it was stormy, cold nights in November
windows and rafters would groan
I lay awake alone in my bed
my blanket's a shelter to hide

Roar, roar, roar you thunder
blow you winds and take me away
take me away to the far treasure island
to the Old Buccaneer.

In the dim light I could see Flint's parrot
croaking and counting doubloons
seafaring men and the blind beggar cursing
approaching and suddenly gone
through the deep silence that followed the spook
a fifteen men chanting the tune

The old days are gone and living the presence
in haste with no times to spare
life is fulfilment at the first glance
but the minutes you dream getting rare
Then in the shelf I found the old book
this salty breeze's back on my mind

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